i had my first kiss with one of my boyfriends on a bench on a pier over the hudson river and i went back today and that part of the pier had collapsed into the river if that aint a sign i dont know what is 


"She called me a butterface, which made me go, wait, you think I have a hot body? I’ve honestly been riding on that comment all week. Because I’m really not insecure about my face, but I do feel insecure about my body. Anyways, I was like, thank you." Nichole said this to me today and it was amazing but I can confirm for a fact she has a hot everything


how am i a good bitch and bad bitch at the same time 

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i was really drunk and sad bc a boy i liked was not into me and my roommate felt bad so he climbed on top of me like a koala and fell asleep 


group projects when no one knows what they’re doing


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